The mobile bed includes the best parts of a bed, and the better parts of tiny home living. The transforming furniture has several benefits that it can bring to your space. To learn more about the product, you can sate your curiosity at our Burlingame location by setting up a wallbed consulation.

How the mobile bed functions


These mattresses aren’t space foam or backed by cheap material. They’re foam designed and developed by Visco for the best night of sleep on a foldable mattress. Serious research and high-quality materials came from the lab to your home. To back up the quality of the materials, the mattress comes with a lifetime functionality warranty. Your comfort is the most important thing in a bed, but it sure is nice to have all the other features of a mobile bed.

King or Queen Sizes

Many mobile beds are a one-size-fits-all application. Our Murphy bed comes in either King or Queen sizes to match various space restrictions. The mobile bed may be able to scale to a full king size, but it is small and mighty. When folded and pushed against a wall, it could even be stored in a closet. Our mobile bed brings utility and style to the smallest living spaces.

Space Saving Beds

This bed is a space saver. It rolls and tucks away, and is half the size of other beds until you need it. The king and the queen take up far less space than any other bed on the market. It’s perfect for tiny homes, studio apartments, and guest rooms.

NO Installation Requirements

Installing a bed can be hard. Especially in tight spaces or tiny-homes where customizations have to be made. Our mobile bed doesn’t need any customization. The bed is delivered and easy to roll off the truck. It can then be placed anywhere in your home or moved at your convenience. It doesn’t get much easier than that. No wait, no hassle, you can make your bed and get to sleep as soon as the shipping truck arrives. Now that’s easy.

If you’re ready to get your space-saving, good looking, comfortable mobile bed, get in touch with our team and make an appointment for our show rooms.