Murphy wall beds have proven to be quite the pioneering product with their practicality, comfort, and, most importantly, their space-saving benefits. But are you aware that this antique concept extends to more than a standard fold-down wall bed? In other words, this genius idea gets even better when a cozy sofa is brought into the mix. We call this a Murphy bed sofa, or simply, a wall bed with a sofa. 

So, how does a Murphy bed sofa work? And why is it an excellent investment for people who wish to get the most out of their living space? Read on to find out! 

How a Wall Bed with Sofa Works

Let’s face it, living space is limited especially when you reside in a desirable area along California’s beautiful coast. However, there are some clever ways to add more usable space to your home that don’t break the bank. 

Integrating a sofa into a Murphy bed makes everything easier when you want to accommodate overnight guests from out of town. All you’ll need to do is remove the back cushions, allowing the wall bed to collapse over the couch frame, and voila! There’s your bed. 

Raising the bed back up or folding it down to conceal it is also effortless, straightforward, and smooth. Even more impressive, our Murphy bed sofas feature storage units that come disguised as glamorous cabinet doors. They serve as the sofa’s backrest and are actually what make up the bed’s underside. 

Leveraging a Murphy Bed Sofa to Maximize Living Space

The primary reason behind setting up a wall bed with a sofa is to free up some space in a room, allowing it to be more than just a living area or sleeping quarters.

You may have come across some of these units in people’s family rooms or home offices, especially given the growing popularity of compact condo units in cities. Perhaps your home features a common space that you wish could be multifunctional, something a Murphy bed sofa can help achieve.

Your guest room is another perfect spot that could use a wall bed with sofa. After all, you don’t have overnight visitors every day. You don’t necessarily need to devote the entire room for this role all year.

To get better insight, here are a few benefits of having a wall bed sofa:

Saves on Floor Space

Remember, you can easily fold a Murphy bed up into the cabinet whenever it’s not in use and then pull it down from its hideout when needed. That way, it helps save up some floor space and makes storage effortless while simultaneously adding functionality. The fact that this unit has a sofa makes the furniture even more useful when the bed is hidden away. 

Enhances Versatility

A wall bed with sofa is a steal for anyone looking to make a room multifunctional. It adds flexibility, allowing a room to, for instance, serve as an entertainment or relaxation area. And when it’s time to sleep, it eliminates the stress of having to deal with an uncomfortable, finger-pinching, clunky hide bed. 

Customizable to Complement Interior Decor

Our Murphy bed sofas can be set up in the family or living room as decorative pieces of furniture. We employ premium wall bed hardware to create furniture that’s easy to use and of superior quality. Best part? Our experts can customize the design further to make your bed sofa blend in with your home’s décor. 

Enhance Your Living Space with a Wall Bed with Sofa

Murphy bed sofas make an ideal option for people looking to optimize their living space. However, it’s important to note that they come in varying designs and styles, which you can have customized to your specific needs.

Quick tip? Use your space to dictate the type of Murphy bed you need – whether a horizontal or vertical wall bed. For instance, a horizontal bed like the Broadway Horizontal Sofa Bed could prove a better choice if you have a short ceiling or need to add flexibility in a narrow room. If you prefer a taller version, our Broadway Sofa Vertical is a steal for you. 

Schedule an appointment with our experts at Wallbeds n’ More Burlingame today and let us help you start customizing your new wall bed with sofa today!