If you have a small home, it’s hard to manage everything smoothly. What if you could add a little more space to your small home? Sounds tempting, right? Utilizing the ingenious invention of the Murphy bed, you can increase your home’s usable space by a sizable amount. Murphy beds, or wall beds, are furniture where the bed folds up against the wall into a cabinet. Even without remodeling or renovating, we can install these beds for you in just about any room.


Using Wall Beds to Save Space

Luckily, there are plenty of ways by which you can use fold down wall beds to enhance your home space. Take a look!


Add a Wallbed to Your Studio Apartment

Murphy beds can save a lot of space when the bed’s mattress is not in use, tucked securely against the wall. You can even add these folding beds to your studio apartment! Being multi-functional and beautifully designed, these beds will also enhance the look of your space.

Regardless of where you’re installing the wallbed, it can bring you peace of mind and instant floor space for work, exercise, crafting, or other activities. The best part about Murphy beds is that the blankets will remain on the mattress. You don’t have to worry about your bedsheets when you fold the bed.

Be sure to purchase quality furniture that can last a long time. To get the maximum benefit and longevity, opt for a wall bed made from quality materials and real wood.


Add a Wallbed to Your Designated Office

Do you feel the extra hassle for space when your guests arrive? Fret no more; Murphy beds can help you solve this problem. When you add these beds to your designated office, you can turn it into a guest room in an instant.

By the time your guests arrive, simply unfold the bed to make it a guest bedroom. This technique will not only help you save space but also utilize it in the most efficient way.


Transform Your Kids’ Bedroom

Small space homeowners can find it especially difficult to designate a play area if they have children in their home. If you’re facing the same problem, all you need to do is add a fold down wall bed!

When you add a Murphy bed to your kids’ room, you can instantly transform their bedroom into a playroom. When your kids need an area for activities or studying, it’s easy for one person to fold up the bed into the cabinet, revealing a sizable amount of floor space.

Later you can unfold the bed to transform it into your kids’ bedroom for sleeping. Thus, by adding wallbeds, you can have a 2-in-1 bedroom and a playroom.

At Wallbeds n’ More in Burlingame we offer Murphy beds that support many mattress sizes. A Full, Twin, XL Twin, or even a Queen mattress could fit well in your children’s room.


Why Choose Murphy Beds to Save Space in Your Small Home?

Murphy beds are one of the best solutions to save space in your home, especially when it’s a small home. It will help you to utilize the unused space and enhance the look of your home at the same time.

It is extremely easy to open or close our wall beds. When we take safety into consideration, our products get full marks. One of the best parts about fold up wall beds is that they provide a comfort level equal to a conventional bed. You can select most any mattress type as long as the thickness does not exceed 11 inches.

Moreover, you can customize the hidden bed to meet the specific needs and style of your home. The extra level of customization will add value to your home.


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