Multifunction beds began its history in San Francisco and was named after William Lawrence Murphy. He was living in a studio apartment and having trouble getting a date back to his living space. It was bad practice to bring lovers back to a bedroom, but that doesn’t leave much room for dates when the studio apartment is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom all at once. He invented, patented, and built the Murphy bed, which is still sold and used all over San Francisco. You can read a little more about Murphy beds on the Murphy bed wikipedia page.

If Murphy had a problem getting dates in his studio apartment, that problem hasn’t changed much at all. And the solution is still multi functional beds. There are space saving desks, murphy tables, and modern murphy beds which are just great center points of style. But let’s finish the history lesson and jump into 6 multifunctional beds that can save you space in your apartment.

Table for Bed

It’s a table. It’s a bed. That’s some multifunctional bed magic! The foldout table of the Euro Table Bed is ideal for studio apartments in San Francisco. It’s much more polished with a European furniture styling and shelving along the sides. There’s plenty of utility to allow you to get a Queen Size Bed and a full kitchenette table in your apartment.

Murphy Bed Bookshelf

The ideal murphy bed bookshelf is the Library Wallbed. It’s intended for booklovers who just don’t have the real estate to keep all of their books. What better place to keep them than by the bedside?

Even if you’re not using it for books, it comes with several other functions for storage and plenty of shelf space for anything that you could want.

The Desk Wallbed

The desk wall bed is the ideal multi functional bed. It hides in plain site as a regular desk, until you need to sleep. This is perfect for young adults looking for utility and functionality without losing any precious space. University students can take the murphybed with them from school, to first apartment, to first guest room and home. It’s a lifelong product that will bring utility and happiness for years to come.

Mobile Beds

This wall bed is the best space saving murphy bed available. It comes on caster wheels for easy movement and mobility. At half the height of the wallbeds, it splits in two to make the full wall bed. Not only is it multifunctional, but it is space saving and extremely cool.

Diy Murphy Beds

Finally, this last wall bed is a DIY, barebones, customize it yourself. For the craftier makers out their, this wallbed can give you the opportunity to get into murphy beds with your own designs and plans. Stain it to match your existing customer, mount it, build around it. The world is your oyster with this do-it-yourself murphy bed.