When looking for a wall bed, you should definitely take a look at the Library model. This Murphy bed bookcase doubles as both a small library and a bed for you or your guests to sleep on. There are several awesome features that this bed has, which makes it an excellent addition to your home. 

Here are some great reasons why you should consider a Murphy bed bookcase like the Library model when selecting a wall bed style. 

Why You Should Choose a Murphy Bed Bookcase

You Save So Much Space 

One awesome reason to include the Library model in your home is that it allows you to save a great deal of space in your living area. This is something that is very important, especially if you live in a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, or even if you have a large family and space is limited when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

This bed only takes up a little space when hidden away. The bed actually folds up vertically behind the bookshelves and is completely hidden until you need to reveal the bed for a comfortable night’s sleep- or a nap!  

Doors Slide Open to Reveal a Bed   

One really cool thing about the Library model, specifically, is the fact that there are doors that can slide open and closed. The model just looks like a regular, stylish bookshelf with the doors closed. However, when the doors are open, you can see that there is a bed inside ready to be lowered. 

This is very convenient both for function and aesthetics. You don’t have to worry about removing books or decorative items when bringing down the bed because the doors simply slide to either side. Visit our showroom and feel the experience for yourself- it tends to bring about a smile! 

Piers With Open or Closed Shelving

You can also customize the piers on either side of your Murphy bed if you would like to have more room for storage. The choice is yours if you would like all of the shelves to be open and exposed, or you can also have enclosed cabinets to hide away things like linens or other items. 

Crown Molding and a Rustic Style 

The look of the Library model is absolutely gorgeous. The details are immaculate, and gorgeous crown molding runs along the top. The rustic style also gives this model a timeless look. It goes along perfectly with the library theme that you are creating. This can really help you to make a statement in your home, while at the same time hiding a comfortable bed. 

Made in the USA With High-Quality Materials 

Purchasing a wall bed that is made within the USA is a great way to support your country and all the workers who reside here. You know that the furniture you are choosing from is made from high-quality materials, and that it is made to last when you visit Wallbeds n’ More Burlingame. All of our wall beds come with a Standard warranty. 

Supports Comfortable Mattresses 

Just because a wall bed doesn’t look like a traditional bed, doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as comfortable! This is just as true for the Library model. In fact, you can purchase a mattress that is up to 11″ thick to use with this Murphy bed bookcase. This will make for a very thick and comfortable mattress that you or your guests can sleep on. 

To learn more about your options when looking for a wall bed that doubles as a bookcase, or to purchase your own Library model today, visit us at Wallbeds n’ More Burlingame