DreamFit sheets are rising in popularity and it’s easy to see why. One common problem with today’s mattress sheets is that they do not fit thicker mattresses or they lose their fit after going through the wash. Having extra-deep corners, as DreamFit sheets do, keep your fitted sheets in place which is especially helpful when you own a Murphy bed.

I have been using these sheets for several years and they hold up beautifully in the wash. They have extra deep pockets so they fit our thick foam mattress. It also feels really good next to your skin. I hope these stay available forever, as I never want to go back to any other sheets. As senior citizens, we are looking for comfort and ease of use. These sheets give us both. -Maggie  

DreamFit Sheet Styles

No one wants to feel like they have to remake the bed every day if you’re a sleeper that turns often. DreamFit sheet corners are patented and guaranteed to stay in place once pulled over the corners of your mattress no matter what size or flexibility. That’s why so many people are loving their DreamFit sheets! 

You can get your DreamFit sheets in five different luxurious materials at Wallbeds n’ More Burlingame, or pick them up at our sister San Francisco or San Mateo showrooms. In this article we will go over the five different DreamFit sheet materials, we offer all five styles. 

Brushed Microfiber

Brushed microfiber has a velvety texture to it created by running metal scraping brushes over the surface. These sheets are thin but do offer more warmth than a cooling effect. This material is also great if you have allergies. It is lighter than silk as it is made from extremely thin threads. 

Long Staple Cotton

Extra-long fibers all in perfect harmony that become softer with every wash is what you can look forward to when you buy long-staple cotton. This is arguably one of the most luxurious materials you can buy with its perfect thread ends and silky feel. It takes special crops to grow long-staple cotton as well. The length of these specialty cotton fibers produces the softness you get in your sheets. 

Pima Cotton

With characteristics of wrinkle-reduction and a soft, smooth touch, Pima cotton is high-end extra-long-staple cotton. This cotton type is softer and more durable as a result of the extra-long cotton fibers used in its production. These fibers hold onto dye a lot better than other fabric types as well, so you get longer use out of this set of sheets. 

Egyptian Cotton

This fabric type is another extra-long-staple cotton that is grown in Egypt primarily but can come from anywhere in the world. It shares many of the same characteristics as long-staple cotton with fibers ranging from one and a quarter to two inches in length. When buying Egyptian cotton sheets, you will want to look at the thread count for a higher quality set with more durability and softness expected of this material. 

Enhanced Bamboo

This moisture-wicking, highly breathable, and extra stretchy material is highly sought after in sheet sets. It is soft, durable, and has even shown to have antibacterial properties. Bamboo materials are great for those who need a hypoallergenic sheet set. They have the dual-wielding power of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Get Your DreamFit Sheets at Wallbeds n’ More!

If you need a Murphy bed along with a new, comfortable mattress, Wallbeds n’ More in Burlingame, CA has you covered. If you want to cover your wall bed with the best sheets available, we can do that, too with DreamFit sheets!

Head over to our website to see our styles today. You can also call to set an in-person appointment at any of our Bay Area locations. We offer interest-free financing for up to 36 months, so there’s no need to wait on finding your perfect Murphy bed and DreamFit sheet set!