The desk bed brings elegance and efficiency into a living space. All wall beds are space-efficient. A regular queen bed takes up 7 or 8 feet across a floor. That’s a massive amount of floor space! The murphy bed fixes that by tucking up and away. So here’s why you should consider this space-saver.

3x Increased Living Space

Desks, tables, and beds are the most space consuming products in a home. Functionally, the wall bed desk features all three of these. The life-saving space saver is usable as a table, bed, and working desk. Rest or work, your space is ready to be transformed.

We say that space is 3x more efficient because of how precious tables and work-spaces are. It’s important to have a comfortable amount of working and sleeping space. Those are the things that we spend all of our time doing. And hopefully being so smart with your space-savings will leave you space elsewhere.

Less Work to Transform

You might be concerned that you’ll have to move computers, craft supplies, papers, and knick-knacks to turn the desk into a bed. Then what if you have to remove sheets to turn a bed back into a desk? Not the case here. The balanced desk bed system keeps desk items plugged in, on the shelf, and tucked away while the bed is out. There’s no need to put anything away.

Even better, the desk bed can be made at all times with sheets and blankets. It’s ready to go when you’re ready to sleep. Even when guests are coming over, the desk goes from usable surface to convenient sleeping space!

Live The Tiny Home Dream

Our deluxe desk wall bed is perfect for people who want to live the tiny home dream. These folks with the tiniest living spaces in SF could do really well with a desk bed. It’s so space-efficient that it works well in some of the cheapest real estates in San Francisco. Live in any neighborhood you want. Pay the rent that you should be paying. Don’t lose your floor space if you don’t have to.

It’s Gorgeous

The birch plywood is oiled and stained for vivacious color. You don’t need to sacrifice interior design, utility, or comfort in any way. You should be able to enjoy looking at your room.

Bonus: Your living space furniture will match because it’s one and the same. That’s a win.